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Jackpot City offers some of the most lucrative progressive jackpot slot games in online casinos. It’s no surprise that it remains at or near the top on our reviews page, considering their name gave us a hint!

 Mega Moolah or Mega Moolah Isis = €4.45 million

Jackpot City knows that players love their online slot play. It is a form of entertainment at the fingertips; anytime, day or night, you choose to log in and enjoy it! But some people want more–they need an extra incentive beyond just winning big; they’re looking for ways where dreams can become a reality with larger jackpots waiting around every corner.

If you like to bankroll your favourite game with the odd coin and cash out regularly, this review is perfect for your needs.

Mega Moolah or Mega Moolah Isis = €4.45 million

Mega Moolah is the gold standard for progressive jackpot games online. With features like free spins and wilds, this African safari-themed slot machine will have you having fun from beginning till the end!

The game has a random bonus feature that allows players to spin what is called “the jackpot wheel.” There are prizes, such as mini-, major- and mega Jackpots. The minimum amount for each of these awards stands at 1 million dollars, so there aren’t any bad days when playing these fun casino slots!

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This game has an Egyptian theme, and you may be able to find yourself playing with the famous goddess of Egypt, Isis. The Mega Moolah Isis wheel can lead players towards winning a large sum from their jackpot prize pool! It’s connected on the same network as other popular games such as Cleopatra Fortune Teller and Jokers Wild slots machine.

Wheel of Wishes = €2.04 million

Microgaming offers an Arabian-themed slot that starts with a $2 million jackpot, twice as high as Mega Moolah. The graphics are beautifully done, and there are plenty of opportunities for smaller wins along the way, too!

Wheel of Wishes is a new game exclusively launched at two online casinos. Jackpot City and All Slots Casino are both hosting this exciting opportunity for players to try their luck with the Wheel of Wish™ !

Major Millions Progressive = €1.66 million

There are two different versions of this game, one with three reels and the other has five. They both operate using jackpots that were inspired by military leaders named Major Millions!

The game of luck has been around for centuries, but it’s never felt so good to be a part of this one. The new hit from 2019 just won over 1 million dollars twice as fast as anyone had ever seen before!

King Cashalot = €947,500

Microgaming’s King Cashalot is a game where players must work hard for their meals. The king of the cards has an entire court with him, and they all live life as if it were happening – eating lots of food while having enough money left over at night after a shopping trip.

King Cashalot is one of the most affordable casino games, not requiring larger bets like Mega Moolah. This game started at $100K but has been increasing in popularity and reaching its highest point ever!

Progressive Cyberstud Poker = €225,200

Microgaming is known for its top-notch slot machines, but they also have a great table game. This computerized version of stud poker will test your skills against the house in a 1v1 match where you can win cash prizes!

The jackpot t comes in when a player receives their Royal Flush. There are other minor jackpots for straight flushes and full houses, but the one that pays out is called “the royaloft.” This lucky hand was worth over $138K in 2018 – not too shabby.

Jackpot Deuces = €47,800

Jackpot Deuces is an online casino that offers players the chance to win big with video poker. This game has been around for quite some time, but it’s just now becoming popular in comparison to other games available on sites. In this passage, I’m going over what makes them different from your typical land-based casinos.

The Microgaming team created this game with video poker players in mind and a progressive jackpot available for anyone who bets the full amount of $5 per hand. bet lower to get smaller prizes, but if you’re looking higher than what’s offered here, then head on over straightaway!

Treasure Nile = €40,200

If you are looking for an easy game with a small bet, this one will be perfect. It has bright colours and new graphics that make it fun to play! And when players hit five death mask symbols on the ninth payline, they trigger a progressive jackpot, which can lead them towards $5k milestone bonus rewards.

Tunzamunni = €25,900

The game of Tunzamunni is played like any other slot machine. However, instead of playing for money, you compete to win worship from an ancient Mexican god! With lower stakes than most gambling halls, this may be ideal if your goal isn’t winning big but rather just having fun with some interesting competition.

The bars and sevens of old slot game history are a player’s passport to wealth in this fast-paced, multi-billion dollar industry. By lining up, one white 7, then red 21, along with blue 34, readers can trigger the jackpot, known as “the big bang,” because it makes such an impressive sound effect when won – 2500 times their initial bet! Those who play five coins will also win progressive bonus prizes, given how much higher those amounts go than other bets on future replacement rolls that come out during each spin cycle.