It Came From Venus Slot Review

The game It Came From Venus has a unique invasion scene that will keep you on your toes! With 30 paylines and 5 reels, this slot machine offers high odds of winning, with an RTP of 96.7%.

In this game, you can bet between $0.60 and 150 per line! There are wild symbols that appear on reels to help win coins for your account as well- it’s not just about winning small amounts anymore because of how many different features there are in total, including multipliers when activated by scatters or free spins rounds, which give even more opportunities at huge jackpots (not too mention bonuses). The list goes On And ON. The minimum coin size is always 0.02 with no maximum offering either, so players have their choice whether they want.

Rewarding Bonus Features

Rewarding Bonus Features

The following is a list of bonus features found in It Came From Venus Slots.

  • Random Wilds

The plant food symbol is not just any old decoration – it has a special power that activates when combined with other symbols. The multiplier feature can be triggered by getting two or four of these plants on your reels, resulting in x2-, 3x- or 4x multipliers!

  • Stacked Collapsing Wilds

Land three matching symbols on the first reel, and you get a 40 times payout. The second time it happens – boom! Double your winnings with this awesome feature that can only be activated when reels 1, 3 & 5 all match up together in-game, too, though, so make sure not to forget about those pesky bonus rounds or else risk losing everything if they don’t match what’s required by law.

  • Save the Plant Bonus Game

The game is activated when you land 3 or more helicopter symbols on the reels. To play, find your way through wood crates and win big! Between 20x-50 Multipliers are given depending upon the betting range selected by the player, so it’s best to choose wisely here.

  • Feed Me Free Spins

The sac symbol is the plant’s food, and you will eat it every time it appears on reels. All sack symbols are accumulated in a counter above them—when five have been gathered together, they activate free spins where 12 appear instead of normal number betting rounds (with multiplier 20x-40). During these games, any wild card called “sac” can stick around until everything has finished playing out; this greatly increases the chances of winning!

Target the Jackpot

The 10,000-coin maximum jackpot is worth betting on. The game has a medium level of volatility with an eye out for sack symbols that could lead to free spins and multiplier bonuses when you take advantage during gameplay – there’s more than one way to win big! You’ll also enjoy other great features like hidden payouts, so don’t forget about them either.

Play for Free or for Real Money

The free game version is easy to download and play, but you can also purchase an online casino license to access all features. You’ll be able to take your time choosing how much commitment is worthwhile investing in this fun app!

The game is available for download on all mobile devices, with an optimized experience tailored to each platform. The visuals will be maintained in compliance across desktop and browser versions alike- maintaining your progress between them seamlessly!

Final Verdict

Play the It Came From Venus slot game with its unique theme and generous multipliers to increase your chances of winning. The minimum bet is 0.60 coins, while there are 150 maximum wagers available for players who want more action at any given time! With an RTP percentage in this range (96%!), you can ensure that even if things don’t go perfectly according to plan – which they never do anyway- 15k will still be waiting on top of what’s already won.